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DesignaKnit 7 for Windows is a powerful, affordable CAD/CAM program for designing knitwear. The Professional version is the full-featured program, allowing a greater freedom of creativity and a greater degree of control over the design process



Custom Pattern Drafting

A powerful array of drafting tools in this section of the program assists you to start garments from scratch, or you can import the pieces from the Standard  Garment Styler and use them as the basis for an original design.

Create original pattern blocks from a square piece by setting the maximum dimensions and adding, deleting and moving points until you achieve the shape you want:

~ up to 16 pattern pieces per garment
~ up to 150 points to define each piece
~ display a grid in inches or centimeters or in stitches and rows
~ use the Piece Table to place points exactly
~ add symmetrical and asymmetrical curves to create necklines, armholes and design features
~ insert and remove fabric anywhere on the piece
~ control the type of  gradient on vertical slopes
~ measure around the perimeter between any two points
~ measure in any direction from a single point
~ re-scale the piece
~ rotate pieces through any angle for bias or sideways knitting
~ specify casting off or holding position for horizontal slopes
~ add seam allowance
~ add markers to points to match seams of place pockets, etc
~ use the Grading feature to produce a range of sizes from your own designs

Preparing for knitting

Other powerful features are there to help you prepare the pieces for knitting:
~ cut pieces into separate sections for knitting
~ join pieces into one section
~ move pieces around against each other to match seams
~ test the pieces against each other to match seams and markers
~ try out the placement of pockets, collars, etc.
~ experiment with layplans for Cut-and-Sew


System Requirements

DesignaKnit 7 For Windows has the following minimum requirements:


IBM PC Compatible computer with 386 processor, or higher
~ at least 8Mb RAM (16Mb recommended).
Please note that the recommended minimum for linking to a Silver Reed machine is: 486/25Mhz processor with 16Mb RAM
~ SVGA (the program can run in VGA mode, but this restricts you to 16 basic colors. Further "dithered" colors are available, but these are not suitable for use with the copy and paste commands in the Stitch Designer section of the program. VGA mode also severely restricts the functionality of the DesignaKnit Graphics Studio, for which High Color or True Color mode is recommended for complex bitmaps and photographs).
~ Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, NT4, ME, Win2K, XP
~ 7Mb hard disk space.
~ RS232 Serial Port for Cable Link.
NB. Some Cable Links can now be used with a USB adapter.




Retail Image  
99625 DesignAKnit - Version 7 $499.00

99634 USB to Serial Converter Cable $49.95  

99635 DAK USB-Full Featured Cable (930-940-970-965i-950i) $225.00  

99638 DAK Lace Tool $75.00  

99645 Brother Link #1 USB Cable $147.95

99647 Brother Link #5 USB Cable $165.95

99649 Brother Link #7 USB Cable $134.95

99041 DAK Silver Link 5 $399.00


DesignAKnit Books



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 Standard Garment Styling Workshop - The Beginners Guide to Standard Garment Shaping using DAK. Step – by – Step Instructions to Design Basic Sweaters, Customize Your Garment Print Outs, Calculate the Amount of Yarn for Garments, Create Custom Garments Easily, and Printed in Color





My First DAK Book - This book is for DAK beginners.  It is designed to get you knitting fast.  Step by step instructions for opening a design from a disk or computer, how the tools work, downloading to the knitting machine and converting simple line drawings into knit designs.




Brother Disk to DAK Disk - Use the Brother disk drive to load a track or design on the knitting machine and then use DAK to upload the same designs to the computer. They are now in a language the computer can understand. This is important as the Brother disk drives are dying and they can’t be repaired.Written for 930, 940, 965i, 970 and PPD.




DesignaKnit Manual 1 - Stitch Designer Mode for Beginners - Learn the basics of DesignaKnit and the Stitch Designer Mode with Tricia's very easy to understand instructions. This book starts with knowing how to open DesignaKnit and all of the modes, and how to set the defaults in Stitch Designer. Then learn how to draw stitch patterns, modify, save and use them. See how easy it is to create a snowman with the drawing project in the book. Tricia takes you step by step to creating a snowman while learning how to use the drawing tools. For DAK 7, but works with DAK 8




DesignaKnit Manual 2 - Standard Garment Styling Mode - Learn how to use the Standard Garment Styling Mode in DesignaKnit to create sweater patterns, and how to alter them for a custom fit. Learn how to print and read the instructions for each pattern pieces of the sweater. See how to store custom sizes to create a library of ready to go patterns. All you have to do is change the stitch gauge, and you have a new pattern. For DAK 7, but works with DAK 8




DesignaKnit Manual 3 - Interactive Knitting Mode - The Interactive Knitting Mode makes it so easy to see how to shape a sweater, and when to start or change colors for a stitch pattern. No longer do you have to keep track of when to make a decrease. DesignaKnit will tell you. The instructions in Interactive Knitting are written on the computer screen, and they can be spoken to you. Learn how to prepare stitch patterns and shape files for Interactive knitting, and how to integrate a stitch pattern with a shape file. This is great for determining the placement of stitch patterns and stripes. For DAK 7, but works with DAK 8




 DesignaKnit Manual 4 - Stitch Designer Mode - Intermediate - Tricia shares her extensive knowledge of DesignaKnit in this book. She builds on the information taught in her DAK Manuals 1 & 3. Learn how to use more tools, techniques and functions in the Stitch Designer Mode of DesignaKnit. Learn with easy to follow project examples that show how to modify and adjust stitch patterns. For DAK 7, but works with DAK 8




 DesignaKnit Manual 5 - Original pattern Drafting Mode - For Beginners - Tricia shares her extensive knowledge of DesignaKnit in this book. She makes learning the basics of the Original Pattern Drafting Mode in DesignaKnit simple and easy to follow. Learn the basics for altering sweater shapes and how to define the details for the knitting instructions. For DAK 7, but works with DAK 8





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