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Tamm Yarns'

Machine & Hand

Knitting Yarns


3 Ply Astracryl
Bebe Tamm - Solids
Bebe Tamm - prints
Can Cun
Kitty 2/14
Petit 2/30
Sport 2/7






New 2016 Tamm color card set

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Tamm Yarns



75% Acrylic / 25% Nylon


Approximately 1 pound cones


2,133 yards per pound

Suggested knitting tension: 6-8    
Washing instructions: Machine wash gentle cycle (cool water and mild soap) and dry (low heat).  
Comments: Novelty yarn, thicker than Estilo. Highly resistant, good wear and washability.
Suited for blouses, skirts, suits dresses, and baby clothes.
Item Number Color $20.00 per cone   A Few Books using Tamm Yarns' Diamante
T1901  white


0527 - Cheerleader Jumper for Little Girls

by Charlene Shafer

Most little girls love to fantasize they are cheerleaders. Here are a few jumpers when knitted in the local school colors will let them be a junior cheerleader.

The jumpers can be worn with or without a tee shirt or turtleneck. Add a pair of tights or bloomers to complete the outfit (don't forget the pom poms).

These jumpers are great for any other occasion using fashion colors.


0196 - Jumper With Pleats for Little Girls

by Charlene Shafer

This jumper is my 3-year old granddaughter's favorite. "The skirt goes out when I twirl", as she puts it. A jumper is simple for little girls as they grow so fast. You can get a lot of wear form this style.

Using 2 colors makes folding the pleats easier. I have used a small embroidery design in the front, but a small fairisle design looks just as nice. On one version  I made her, a butterfly was embroidered on the front and a very small butterfly was embroidered inside of one of the front pleats. When she twirled, the butterfly came out. So let your imagination go wild, your little one will love it.


0193 - Thread Lace Valances

by Charlene Shafer

Thread Lace is such an easy and quick way to knit valances or curtains. They are light and airy. These require very little yarn and time. You can literally have them knitted, and at the window in the amount of time it would take you to go to the store and buy them.

Book includes 16 Thread Lace Valances (Bows & Bows, Under the Sea, Rocking Horse, A B C Blocks, Barn, Bird Houses, Butterfly, Flower, Hearts, Houses, Light House, Teddy, Daisy, Quilt, Valance, Border).


0192 - Amanda's Striped Dress

by Charlene Shafer

Amanda loves dresses and this one is her favorite. Short puffy sleeves with a slight empire waistline and patch pockets give this dress it's style. The colors of the stripes are different in the skirt from the bodice. It is very simple to knit and your little girl will love it.


0191 - Set-In Sleeve Sweaters

by Charlene Shafer

The Set-In Sleeve Sweater is the most basic and year to year the most stylish sweater design you can choose. Having good fit around the shoulders and upper bust, it is also one of the most flattering styles to wear.

Using this basic sweater pattern many variations will enable you to literally fill your closet with style.

  • Select from 2 stitch gauges

  • Knit the sweater with most any design

  • Select a round neck or V-neckline

  • Select long sleeve, short sleeve, or sleeveless

  • A vest is also a choice

  • Cardigans are a choice

Now all you have to do is decide on the color and yarn you want to use.


0174 - Raglans

by Charlene Shafer

Today we are going back to a more fitted look. Most of us won't go all the way back to the tighter fitting garments, but we would like a little shape to them.

Raglans seem to be just the answer. There is still enough room to be comfortable and the raglan shaping gives a little more fit. This also gets rid of the extra bulk under the arms that the drop shoulder created.

This pattern differs from those in the 60's and 70's, because there is more room in the bust/chest area. The sleeve has a dart at the top that gives the shoulder more shape and the upper sleeve a little more room. The top armhole shaping is a modified curve not a straight line. The armhole looks straight, but decreases more at the under arm and toward the neck with fewer decreases in the center, to give a better fit.

Knit this sweater just as the instructions state for a very well fitting and great looking sweater, or use decorative decreases to give a designer look to your sweater. Either way, you will get lots of compliments.


0173 - Braided Rugs & Such

by Charlene Shafer

We all have extra yarn in a bag , a box, a closet or some of us, even a room. How many times I have heard, "I need to use up some of this yarn I have before buying more". Here is a simple way to use up the leftovers, the extra cones or odd dye lots we have on the shelf. Knit rugs, Chair pads, Placemats, or coasters. They can be braided in several shapes. First try the basic circle, half circle or oval. Now try a square, heart shape or even an apple shape. The possibilities are endless.

In this book, we will give you some guidelines to go by. Since you can use any type of yarn and we all braid at a different tensions, it will be hard to give you an exact number of rows to knit. This is one of those projects you don't need a swatch. Don't you just love it? The items don't have to be exact sizes. Braid until you run out of yarn or you have the size needed. This is a great project if you have a motor drive.

As I travel around the country, I have seen many variations of how to knit and sew the braided rug. Here is what has worked for me. I'm sure there are other ways but this isn't rocket science and any way you choose, should work well for you.


0147 - Vests

by Charlene Shafer

Vests are still a very important part of your wardrobe. They are not only used for warmth but for style as well. Here are a few versions of the basic vest.

Versions included: Plaid Sampler Vest, Lace Vest and Tailored Vest.


0145 - Pat-A-Cake Knits

by Charlene Shafer

Babies, so soft and cuddly, need clothes that invite you to pick them up and give them hugs and kisses. The Pat-A-Cake Knits will do just that. The outfits in this book are styled to have soft textures and whimsical designs. They are what I like to call Grandma Knits at least what Grandmas would like to dress the little ones in.

Book includes: Tuck Ribbed Cardigan, Gingham Blanket, Hooded Tuck Sweater, Warm Up Pants, Smocked Jacket & Pants, Bibbed Skirt, Slacks, Shorts, Scalloped Cardigan, Rompers, Ribbon Cardigan, and Animal Sweater.


0139 - More Suits Styled for Today's Woman

by Charlene Shafer

Being well dressed should be easy and fun. The suits in this book are just that, easy and fun. The jackets and skirts are knitted on the standard flat bed machine. Any machine from the simplest to the most sophisticated will work for these garments. With today's busy life style, the suits must be classic in style as well as easy and quick to knit.

There are three jackets and three skirts to choose from. Mix and match them. Try knitting jacket in one yarn and the skirt in another then trimming the jacket in the same yarn as the skirt. The possibilities are endless.

The sleeves and armhole depths of each jacket are the same. Use the sleeve from one jacket and put them in a different jacket. This will broaden your wardrobe possibilities.

The jackets are basic is style. Don't be afraid to knit them in fairisle, or use a linker to put in a plaid or change the hems.

Included are Jacket with Square Collar, Double Breasted Jacket with Notched Collar, Jacket with Epaulets, Simple Six Gore Skirt, Skirt with Pleats in the Back, and Skirt with Inverted Box Pleats.

T1905  baby yellow
T1906  sunshine
T1916  peach
T1918  off white
T1919  bone
T1923  latte
T1930  light pink
T1933  primrose
T1934  breen
T1941  cranberry
T1942  hollyhock
T1944  red
T1961  purple
T1968  lilac
T1970  navy
T1976  copen hagen
T1978  silver laurel
T1987  forest green
T1988  dark grey
T1993  grey flannel
T1999  black

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