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Tamm Yarns'

Machine & Hand

Knitting Yarns


3 Ply Astracryl
Bebe Tamm - Solids
Bebe Tamm - prints
Can Cun
Kitty 2/14
Petit 2/30
Sport 2/7






New 2016 Tamm color card set

$15.00 + $8.00 shipping




Tamm Yarns



60% Acrylic / 40% Nylon


Approximately 1 pound cones


3,670 yards per pound

Suggested knitting tension: 3 - 5    
Washing instructions: Machine wash gentle cycle, (cool water and mild soap) and dry (low heat).  
Comments: Thin novelty yarn. Highly resistant, good wear and washability. Suited for blouses,
baby clothes and dresses.
Item Number Color

$20.00 per cone

  A Few Books using Tamm Yarns' Estilo
T3101  white

0186 - Four Seasons Thread Lace Afghans

by Charlene Shafer

Thread Lace (also known as Punch Lace) is a little used technique that deserves a closer look. Just think, designs that knit up quick, afghans that require no lining and mo wrapping the design to prevent separation of the yarns. Use a thick yarn and a very thin yarn of the same color.

One Afghan for each of the four seasons.


0178 - Baby Knits

by Charlene Shafer

This collection of baby garments is intended for all the grandmas that knit. I know many of the young parents love to dress their children as little adults in all the bright colors and grown up styles. These babies will be grown up soon enough. Many of us still like to see babies as cute and cuddly bundles of joy. Soft colors and designs are what I have in mind. The following garments are my interpretation of what little ones should wear.

Baby garments included are Rib Tuck Set (Sweater, Matching Pants, Matching Mittens, Boys Hat, Girls Hat, and Gown), Lace Cardigan, Matching Pants, Cabled Cardigan, Matching Cable Pants, ABC Pocket Sweater, Matching Pants, Square Corner Hat, Matching Mittens, Scrunched Cuff Hat, Matching Scrunch Mittens, Short Rowed Hat, Matching Mittens, Burp Cloth, and Baby Burp Cloth.


0173 - Braided Rugs & Such

by Charlene Shafer

We all have extra yarn in a bag , a box, a closet or some of us, even a room. How many times I have heard, "I need to use up some of this yarn I have before buying more". Here is a simple way to use up the leftovers, the extra cones or odd dye lots we have on the shelf. Knit rugs, Chair pads, Placemats, or coasters. They can be braided in several shapes. First try the basic circle, half circle or oval. Now try a square, heart shape or even an apple shape. The possibilities are endless.

In this book, we will give you some guidelines to go by. Since you can use any type of yarn and we all braid at a different tensions, it will be hard to give you an exact number of rows to knit. This is one of those projects you don't need a swatch. Don't you just love it? The items don't have to be exact sizes. Braid until you run out of yarn or you have the size needed. This is a great project if you have a motor drive.


0147 - Vests

by Charlene Shafer

Vests are still a very important part of your wardrobe. They are not only used for warmth but for style as well. Here are a few versions of the basic vest.

Versions included: Plaid Sampler Vest, Lace Vest and Tailored Vest.


0145 - Pat-A-Cake Knits

by Charlene Shafer

Babies, so soft and cuddly, need clothes that invite you to pick them up and give them hugs and kisses. The Pat-A-Cake Knits will do just that. The outfits in this book are styled to have soft textures and whimsical designs. They are what I like to call Grandma Knits at least what Grandmas would like to dress the little ones in.

Book includes: Tuck Ribbed Cardigan, Gingham Blanket, Hooded Tuck Sweater, Warm Up Pants, Smocked Jacket & Pants, Bibbed Skirt, Slacks, Shorts, Scalloped Cardigan, Rompers, Ribbon Cardigan, and Animal Sweater.



T3105  straw
T3116  rose
T3119  off white
T3120  oatmeal
T3121  taupe
T3126  light brown
T3127  brown
T3130  pink
T3138  dusty pink
T3143  lipstick pink
T3144  red
T3146  lilac
T3149  purple
T3152  cranberry
T3164  heavenly blue
T3166  blue
T3167  medium blue
T3168  admiral blue
T3169  sapphire
T3170  navy
T3174  bright turquoise
T3177  cool mint
T3179  light ocean teal
T3180  ocean teal
T3183  english ivy
T3184  emerald
T3190  grey
T3194  dark grey
T3199  black

Retail Price: $20.00 per cone




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