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Tamm Yarns'

Machine & Hand

Knitting Yarns


3 Ply Astracryl
Bebe Tamm - Solids
Bebe Tamm - prints
Can Cun
Kitty 2/14
Petit 2/30
Sport 2/7





Petit 2/30

New Line of Tamm Yarns Added in 2008


New 2016 Tamm color card set

$15.00 + $8.00 shipping




Colors Highlighted in Yellow are New Yarn Colors added on August 11th of 2008.

Tamm Yarns

PETIT 2/30


100% Acrylic


Approximately 1 pound cones


8,147 yards per pound

Suggested knitting tension: 5 or 3-4 when doing 4 color
double-bed knitting.

New Colors Added on August 11th of 2008

Washing instructions: Machine wash and dry on delicate.  
Comments: Excellent for 4-color jacquard knitting
Thread Lace
Double strands for double bed tuck
Item Number Color $18.75 per cone   A Few Books Using Tamm Yarns' Petit 2/30
T4201  white

0193 - Thread Lace Valances

by Charlene Shafer

Thread Lace is such an easy and quick way to knit valances or curtains. They are light and airy. These require very little yarn and time. You can literally have them knitted, and at the window in the amount of time it would take you to go to the store and buy them.

Book includes 16 Thread Lace Valances (Bows & Bows, Under the Sea, Rocking Horse, A B C Blocks, Barn, Bird Houses, Butterfly, Flower, Hearts, Houses, Light House, Teddy, Daisy, Quilt, Valance, Border).


0186 - Four Seasons Thread Lace Afghans

by Charlene Shafer

Thread Lace (also known as Punch Lace) is a little used technique that deserves a closer look. Just think, designs that knit up quick, afghans that require no lining and mo wrapping the design to prevent separation of the yarns. Use a thick yarn and a very thin yarn of the same color.

One Afghan for each of the four seasons.


0173 - Braided Rugs & Such

by Charlene Shafer

We all have extra yarn in a bag , a box, a closet or some of us, even a room. How many times I have heard, "I need to use up some of this yarn I have before buying more". Here is a simple way to use up the leftovers, the extra cones or odd dye lots we have on the shelf. Knit rugs, Chair pads, Placemats, or coasters. They can be braided in several shapes. First try the basic circle, half circle or oval. Now try a square, heart shape or even an apple shape. The possibilities are endless.

In this book, we will give you some guidelines to go by. Since you can use any type of yarn and we all braid at a different tensions, it will be hard to give you an exact number of rows to knit. This is one of those projects you don't need a swatch. Don't you just love it? The items don't have to be exact sizes. Braid until you run out of yarn or you have the size needed. This is a great project if you have a motor drive.


0159 - Tiny Tot Blankets

by Charlene Shafer

I just love to see babies in soft cuddly blankets. This collection of blankets is designed for new borne to toddlers. A variety of stitches and yarns are used.

Blankets included are Flowers Blanket, Ribbed Lace & Ribbons Blanket, Argyles in Thread Lace Blanket, Teddy Bear Quilt, Rib Bear Quilt, Rib Tuck Blanket, and Announcement Blanket.


0122 - Blankets for Baby

by Charlene Shafer

Baby Blankets can be so much fun to knit. They are great if you are a new knitter to help you feel more comfortable with your machine. They are great ways to try new patterns - textured or fairisle. Someone always needs a baby gift whether it is for Grandma, a co-worker or just a friend. Make up two or three to have on hand and you will be ready for that last minute baby shower or if a friend needs a gift to give.

Includes: Easy Baby Shawl, Baby Afghan, Reversible Crib Cover, Mock Cable Baby Afghan, It's a Boy - It's a Girl (reversible) Blanket, Bath Blanket, and Baby Quilt.


0920 - Crafty Ideas 2003

by Knit Knack Shop

Crafty Ideas is a collection of craft and gift ideas. Great ideas for craft shows and that unique gift. Most pattern are fast to knit.

Patterns Include:  Crochet-Look Purse, Toe Cover for Cast, Little Girls Tam, Snowman Gift Bag, Santa Gift Bag, Angel Wall Hanging, Bird House Wall Hanging, Designs for Christmas, Bed Spread for Doll Bed, Thread Lace Cover-Up, Toy Ball, Toy Mouse, and Adult Bib.



T4202  pastel yellow
T4207  orange
T4218  off white


 medium camel
T4225  brown
T4230  pastel pink
T4231  sugar pink
T4232  peach
T4233  rose
T4237  fuschia
T4239  persimmon
T4240  red
T4251  lavender
T4255  purple
T4260  pastel blue
T4262  light blue
T4263  dusty blue
T4270  navy
T4275  turquoise
T4280  pastel green
T4283  light sage
T4285  lime
T4288  forest green
T4290  light grey
T4299  black

Retail Price: $18.75 per 1 lb cone




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