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Tamm Yarns'

Machine & Hand

Knitting Yarns


3 Ply Astracryl
Bebe Tamm - Solids
Bebe Tamm - prints
Can Cun
Kitty 2/14
Petit 2/30
Sport 2/7






New 2016 Tamm color card set

$15.00 + $7.00 shipping




Tamm Yarns



70% Acrylic / 30% Nylon


Approximately 1 pound cones


1,638 yards per pound

Suggested knitting tension: 8-10    
Washing instructions: Machine wash gentle cycle. (cool water and mild soap) and dry (low heat).  
Comments: Basket weave, medium weight yarn Excellent wear and washability.
Suited for sweaters and children's clothes.
Item Number Color $20.00 per cone   A Few Books using Tamm Yarns' Can Cun
T4501  white


0532 - Tuck Lap Robes & Baby Blankets

by Charlene Shafer

Tuck stitches and Mid-Gauge or Bulky machines are a great combination. Using the larger yarns make the stitches really PoP! The same designs are also wonderful knitted on the Standard machine. Using punchcard and manual selection machines is also an option. This collection of patterns is in two sizes - featuring lap robes and baby blankets as well for the two different gauge machines.

These blankets are fast and easy to knit. Cast-on ~ Knit ~ Bind Off ~ You're Finished! No extra finishing and these blankets are ready to use.


0199 - Ponchos +

by Charlene Shafer

Ponchos are so easy to knit and fun to wear. Simple shaping, or no shaping at all makes fast projects for you or for gifts. They can be worn for warmth or as an accessory. I have included a few different versions to fit your many needs. Have fun with them.

Ponchos included are Poncho with Turtle Neck, 5 Panel Cape, One Piece Poncho, Lace Poncho, Ribs & Cables Poncho, Swirl Cape, Tuck Poncho, and One Piece Short Cape.


0197 - Knitting Every Other Needle

by Charlene Shafer

There are so many interesting yarns available on the market that it is sad to miss using them because you don't have a Mid-Gauge or Bulky Machine. Many of them can be knitted Every Other Needle on your Standard Machine.

Included are some simple ways to use your standard machine to knit bulky or novelty yarns. Some simple projects are included such as afghans, baby blankets and poncho.

This book includes Tri-Color Afghan, Tri-Color Baby Blanket, Braided Baby Afghan, Diamond Afghan, Chevron Tuck Afghan, Baby Chevron Blanket, Thread Lace Baby Blanket, and Poncho.


0173 - Braided Rugs & Such

by Charlene Shafer

We all have extra yarn in a bag , a box, a closet or some of us, even a room. How many times I have heard, "I need to use up some of this yarn I have before buying more". Here is a simple way to use up the leftovers, the extra cones or odd dye lots we have on the shelf. Knit rugs, Chair pads, Placemats, or coasters. They can be braided in several shapes. First try the basic circle, half circle or oval. Now try a square, heart shape or even an apple shape. The possibilities are endless.

In this book, we will give you some guidelines to go by. Since you can use any type of yarn and we all braid at a different tensions, it will be hard to give you an exact number of rows to knit. This is one of those projects you don't need a swatch. Don't you just love it? The items don't have to be exact sizes. Braid until you run out of yarn or you have the size needed. This is a great project if you have a motor drive.

As I travel around the country, I have seen many variations of how to knit and sew the braided rug. Here is what has worked for me. I'm sure there are other ways but this isn't rocket science and any way you choose, should work well for you.


0147 - Vests

by Charlene Shafer

Vests are still a very important part of your wardrobe. They are not only used for warmth but for style as well. Here are a few versions of the basic vest.

Versions included: Plaid Sampler Vest, Lace Vest and Tailored Vest.


0127 - Sweater Coat

by Charlene Shafer

Easy fitting coat can be any  length you desire. Makes a great coat to wear over dress clothes (dresses or slacks).

The coat has little shaping, no buttons or button holes, pockets are optional. A commercial collar is the finishing touch.


0107 - Drop Saddle Shoulder Sweaters

by Charlene Shafer

The drop shoulder sweater is so comfortable and easy to make. Now the Drop Saddle Shoulder Sweater adds style to simplicity.

Includes: Popcorns & Cables, Pocket Sweater, Fairisle Designs, Offset Plaid, Apple Tree, Cables & Lace, Bold Vertical Stripes, Diamond Sweater, A Hint of Cables, and Tic Tac Toe.

T4502  light yellow
T4503  straw
T4504  dark champagne
T4518  off white
T4530  pink
T4534  medium pink
T4535  dark pink
T4544  red
T4545  dark cherry
T4551  light purple
T4552  lavender
T4558  cool mint
T4559  aqua
T4560  light blue
T4561  dark aqua
T4562  ivy
T4563  dark turquoise
T4564  periwinkle
T4565  royal
T4566  sky blue
T4569  sapphire
T4570  navy
T4583  teal green
T4587  forest green
T4593  dark grey
T4598  shiny black
T4599  black

Retail Price: $20.00 per cone




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