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Custom Styling Your Knits


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Book Title: Custom Styling Your Knits
Author: Charlene Shafer
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For the past several years, the over sized, roomy or just plain sloppy garments have been the style.

I don't see us going back to the fit of the late 50's (although some of the teens seem to have done just that). Today we nee fit, but enough room to  be comfortable.

A more tailored look not only makes us look a little slimmer, but we seem to stand more erect and hold our heads a little higher.

I have compiled a few notes of techniques for tailoring and things to take into consideration when knitting a garment to give it a more "designer look". Remember, these are guide lines. They can always be adjusted to fit your style of knitting and your needs.

Includes: Crew Neck Sweater Worksheet, Yarns, To Kill or Not to Kill, Skirts, Darts (Vertical, How to Make, Open Vertical, Horizontal, Traditional Bust, Modified Bust, and Open Horizontal), Hems (Thread Cast on Hem and Stockinette Hem Added Added After Garment is Knit), Waistbands (Every Other Needle and Every Other Needle on the Back Side), Shoulder Pads (Short Row Shaping in Reverse and Sleeve Headers), Facings, Necklines (Cut & Sew, How to Cut & Stitch the Neckline, How to Figure the Stitches in the Neck Band, Single Thickness Ribbed Band, Double Ribbed Band, Single Bed Band with Picot Edge, Garter Stitch Band, How to Attach a Commercial or Cut & Sew Band, and Shaped Necklines), Button Bands (Vertical, Bound, Eyelet, Ribbed, 1X1 Ribbed, Full Needle Rib Vertical, Latched, Long Stitch, and Garter Stitch), Cuffs (two types), and Figure Problems (Rounded Shoulders, Large Bust/Small Shoulders, One Shoulder Lower Than the Other, Large Hips/Small Waist, Small Seat/Larger Tummy, Sway Back, and Larger Upper Arm).


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