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Silver Reed Knitting Machines


SK 155 Punchcard Bulky Gauge

Create Fine Intricate Knitwear for You, Your Family and Friends

Silver Reed's 9mm bulky gauge knitting machine will proudly stand by your side to help you create some of the most beautiful garments in your wardrobe. With a 12 stitch punch card pattern center you can create beautiful tuck, weaving, slip, and fair isle stitch patterns.

The SK 155 takes a step in the right direction by providing a 12 stitch punch card machine that will knit those heavy yarns with ease. This machine handles worsted weight yarns and makes short work of creating beautiful chunky winter wear. Ideal for heavy weight yarns in the bulky range. Stay warm all winter with the Afghans you create to match your decor. Its time to start wearing your garments instead of carrying the parts with you for months hoping to someday finish it.

Needle Pitch:  

9 mm (2.9 gauge)

Number of Needles: 110 needles
Pattern Size:  12 stitches X 60 rows wide
Net Weight: 13.0 kg  (28.6 lbs)
Dimensions (L x W x H):  1110 x 205 x 98 mm

SK 155 Knitting Carriage


Stitch types include:  Stockinet, Fairisle, Tuck, Slip, Punch Lace, Motif , Weaving, Plating, and many more.

Silver Reed Attachments for SK 155 Punchcard Bulky Gauge



SK155 Punchcard Bulky Gauge Knitting Machine



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