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Silver Reed Knitting Machines


SK 160 Manual Mid-Gauge Attachments

Knit for All Seasons, from Fine Summer Knits to Bulky Winter Wear

Silver Reed's SK 160 is the newest knitting machine and the first of its kind anywhere! With a 6.5mm needle pitch, the SK 160 is designed to work with all the yarns typically used by hand knitters. By knitting yarns that fall in the top range for a standard gauge machine and in the lower range for a chunky machine, this machine can deliver the best of both worlds.

This Mid Gauge Manual Knitting machine offers the same bed as the SK 860 with a non patterning Intarsia carriage. The SK 160 allows you to start with a basic machine that you will never out grow because it grows with you. Learn the basic operation of the machine then add the optional Electronic Carriage and software when you are ready, to upgrade this machine to a SK 860.

Your imagination is the only limit. This machine knits fingering, sport and worsted weight yarns with ease. Using every other needle you can also knit light bulky weight yarn. Excellent choice for the beautiful novelty fur yarns.

Now you can start the garment in the morning and wear it to dinner in the evening. Just imagine what you can create with your SK 160.

Tilt Stand

A heavy-duty metal stand for any knitting machine. Clamp your machine to this stand for flat-bed knitting, or tilt the stand for knitting with a ribber. Rubber feet on the legs creates a sturdy and stable knitting stand. Arms on back creates a shelf for storage of the machine cover.


Tilt Stand



SK860 Electronic Carriage

Upgrade the SK160 to the SK860 with this carriage.


SK860 Electronic Carriage Out-of-Stock



Design-A-Knit version 8

Software for designing knitted garments and stitch patterns for hand and machine knitting, downloading stitch patterns to a knitting machine and interactively following on-screen instructions while knitting.

99626 DesignAKnit - Version 8

Complete Version

(Machine & HandKnit)



KR21 Knit (Radar) Contour Attachment

This wonderful device allows you to use sewing patterns and transfer them to the knitting machine. You simply follow the lines as though you were using a scissors to cut out the fabric. The Knit Radar will show you when to increase and decrease to create the shape for the pattern piece. No more math trying to figure out complex curves let the knit radar do the work. By selecting a ruler gauged to your stitch gauge you can use any yarn you like. You no longer need to try several test swatches to meet the gauge of a written pattern. Choose the design you like choose the yarn you like and let the Knit Radar do the work of calculation.


KR21 Knit (Radar) Contour Attachment





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