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Silver Reed Knitting Machines


SK 840 Electric Standard Gauge Attachments

Create Fine Intricate Knitwear for You, Your Family and Friends

Silver Reed's 4.5mm standard gauge knitting machine has always been a favorite for fingering, sport and fine novelty yarns. Now, as part of the exciting new Modular System, the SK 840 allows you to expand your options even further with electronic innovations you never thought possible!

The SK840 sets the standard that other machines aspire to. Now you can start the garment in the morning and wear it to dinner in the evening. Just imagine what you can create with your Silver SK 840.

SRP60N Standard Gauge Ribber

The ribbing attachment will add a whole new dimension to your knitting. It will convert your machine into a true double bed knitter. The ribber doubles your needle bed size by adding a set of purl needles giving you the ability to create a variety of rib stitches 1X1, 2X2, or any configuration you choose. But it doesn't stop there it also gives you the option of creating dimensional fabric by using the tuck and slip stitch designs. Adding interest to the fabric has never been easier


SRP60N Standard Gauge Ribber



Tilt Stand

A heavy-duty metal stand for any knitting machine. Clamp your machine to this stand for flat-bed knitting, or tilt the stand for knitting with a ribber. Rubber feet on the legs creates a sturdy and stable knitting stand. Arms on back creates a shelf for storage of the machine cover.


Tilt Stand



SK 840 Made EZ

by Charlene Shafer

 This book is not intended to replace your instruction manual for the machine or DAK. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the manuals. The manual for this machine was written before the Silver Reed machine used DesignaKnit. This book should bridge that gap.


SK 840 Made EZ



LC580 Lace Carriage

The lace carriage allows you to create beautiful eyelet lace patterns in a single pass of the carriage. By moving the stitch and knitting the row at the same time you can create lace fabric much faster. Lace knitting becomes as simple as Stockinet. The lace carriage can also be set for multi transfer allowing you to create beautiful fashion lace easily.


LC580 Lace Carriage



YC6 Automatic Yarn Changer

The YC6 yarn changer allows you to change yarn color at the press of a button. It holds 4 colors of yarn ready for use. Simply press the button holding the color you want to use and the carriage will pick it up as you pass across the bed. The YC 6 is designed for use on both the single bed and the double bed (ribber added) machines by changing the head angle. You can also set this changer to automatically alternate between any 2 colors out of 4.


YC6 Automatic Yarn Changer



Design-A-Knit version 8

Software for designing knitted garments and stitch patterns for hand and machine knitting, downloading stitch patterns to a knitting machine and interactively following on-screen instructions while knitting.

99626 DesignAKnit - Version 8

Complete Version

(Machine & HandKnit)






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