0128 Christmas Designs



by Charlene Shafer


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Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love brightly colored decorations and clothing. The sights, sounds and smells of the holidays are so cherry. Maybe this book will help you express your holiday excitement.

The designs in this book reflect our holiday knitting over the past few years. Many are 24 stitches repeats or even smaller. Small designs are needed for Christmas stockings. Some designs are medium sized (around 50 stitches). These are used for sweaters. Holiday sweaters are so much fun to wear. They really get you in the mod of the holidays and each person that sees it will also catch the holiday spirit.

Some of the designs were designed for sweatshirt inserts. They also work well on sweaters and afghans. When decorating your house for the holidays, don’t over look the ever useful afghan to add the finishing touch to the family room.

Designs also include borders to go with the traditional designs.

  • Includes 78 designs
  • Many designs can be knit on the punch card machines
  • Includes 78 designs
  • All designs will work on electronic machines (if the design doesn’t have more stitches than the machine has needles)  Example bulky machines have fewer needles than standard machines.


Design disks are available to accompany this book.  Choose from the following according to your machine model.

Choose between Book only/ Book + Design disk / Design disk only

Design Disks are available in three different formats
• Brother/Knitking 930 Disks: can be used on all machines KH 930 and newer. Requires the FB100 disk drive.
• Brother/Knitking 940 Disks: can be used on all machines KH 940 and newer. Requires the FB100 disk drive
• DesignaKnit CD: can be used along with DesignaKnit (.pat, .stp or both) format. Requires the DesignaKnit software


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