0150 Charting with the KH 970


015o Charting with the KH 970

by Charlene Shafer

Design your garments on the KH970.  Insert your stitch gauge and all the math is done for you.  Change your yarn and your stitch gauge and the same garment is re-calculated and again all the math is done for you.


Use the CB-1 box on the KH 970 to chart your garments.

The types of yarns and stitch designs are limitless. Until now, using a printed pattern limited you to yarns that matched the gauge and stitch designs, of the author (stockinette, fairisle or lace). Knitting machines can do so much more. Designing with the KH 970, you have just been set free. Let’s explore the possibilities.

The basic sweater is a good place to start. You may want to make variations for different types of stitches or yarns. I find sweaters with all over fairisle design don’t have the same stretch as stockinette. So to feel comfortable, I make the sweater a little larger. Some ribbed stitches seem to grow, so those sweaters I make a little smaller. This is all personal taste. Start with a basic stockinette sweater. Be very critical until you get every area of the garment to fit perfectly.

Now, go for different variations. Remember, there is no absolute right or wrong way to measure or design. If you like the results, then the method is right. There are many trends, some are just variations of the old tried and true methods. The following has worked great for me. Give it a try, then make your own variations.

Includes: Measurement Worksheet, Garment Input Worksheet, Explanation of Designing Lines, Abbreviations, Drawing (Sweater Back, Sweater Front, Sweater Sleeve, and Neckband), Darts, Non-Garment Designing, Toy Bear, Charting for Other Machines, Swatches, Designer Set-In Sleeve, and How to Position a Garment.

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