0180 Rib Alternatives Vol. 1


0180 Rib Alternatives Vol 1

Rib trims that are an alternative to 1×1 ribbing.  

These ribs can be used on any machine with a ribber.



Ribbing has been the band of choice for many, many years. Today the bottom of a sweater or cuff of sleeves are just a trim, not necessarily an edge to pull in tight so as to keep you warm.

Many times a flat trim will tend to flare out giving the illusion the edge is stretched out of shape. To avoid this, reduce the trim by 10-15%. This may only be 8-12 stitches, but it will make a big difference. After knitting the trim; either remove on scrap yarn and re-hang increasing evenly across the row, or remove on a garter bar and again, re-hang increasing evenly across the row.

Many of those trims will look great if blocked so the garment hangs straight not pulled in.

Decorative trims used with a plain garment are just enough design to give a classic look. These will stay in style for years.

This book has some options to the traditional 1X1 ribbing. They include: Woven Rib, Fan & Feather Rib, Fan & Feather with Cables, Lattice Cables, Honey Comb Rib, 2X2 Variation Rib, Embossed Knit, Embossed Variation, and Cross Stitched Ribs.

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Dimensions 8.5 × .03 × 11 in