0537 PC 10 Made EZ


by Charlene Shafer

For use with any of the Silver Seiko electronic knitting machines (Silver Reed, Studio & Singer)


A supplement to the PC 10 manual.

The PC 10 is used with any of the Silver Reed electronic machines. It enables you to knit in pattern, draw original patterns, combine patterns , and store patterns to a Compact Flash card.

This book is not intended to replace the manual – but as an aid to the manual. I plan to go into more detail of some of the programming to make it a little easier to understand the logic of the PC 10.


  • Getting to Know the PC 10
  • Connecting the PC 10
  • Load a Built-in Pattern
  • Knit a Built-in Pattern
  • Draw a Pattern
  • Add a Buzzer Sound to a Pattern
  • Formatting a new Compact Flash Card 
  • Save a Pattern to the Compact Flash Card
  • Load a Pattern from a Compact Flash Card
  • Erase the Last Pattern from a Compact Flash Card
  • How Many Patterns are Stored on the Card
  • Coping all Patterns from one Card to Another  Card
  • Alter a Built-in or Stored Pattern
  • Alter the Size of a Stored Pattern
  • Combining 2 Patterns to Make a New Pattern

Color illustrations

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × .03 × 11 in