97003 Control Box 2 with DesignaKnit Link


97002 Control Box 2 for Brother/Knitking KH 970



There are 2 versions of the Control Box 2. 

The basic option (97002) just replaces the pattern knitting for the KH 970 knitting machine.  This version is for knitters that don’t use or have DesignaKnit.

This option (97003) includes the DesignaKnit link.  You no longer need a cable and a magnetic switch.  

  • Note – Pattern transfer from DesignaKnit to the CB-2 cannot be done with the Brother Link 5 cable.

The Control Box 2 package (CB-2) consists of the CB-2 box and the CB-2 software.  Using the CB-2 package, you can knit patterns on the needle bed of the KH 970 Brother/Knitking.  the CB-2 package replaces the CB-1 for knitting patterns.  No extra software is required.  Your computer monitor will be your screen so the design you are knitting will be much easier to see.


All KH 970 built in patterns are included, plus the patterns for the SK 965, KH 940, KH 930, KH 270 and the KH 900.

Made in the Netherlands


Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5.25 × 3 in