99635 DK USB Full Featured Cable – Special Order


99635 DK USB Full Featured Cable 

Connects the computer to the knitting machine to achieve downloads of designs.

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The Full Featured Cable fits the following Brother/Knitking electronic machines

  • KH930
  • KH940
  • KH956i
  • KH970 
  • KH950i

This cable connects your computer to the knitting machine so you can download designs created in DesignaKnit.

Once connected the design is in the  machine and will be stored there until you manually delete it or in some cases download more designs that will write over it.

The cable also allows you to knit from screen meaning the design is on the screen of the computer and with each pass of the knitting carriage, the design will move to indicate you have knitted this row.

Manufactured for Softbyte in England

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × .5 × 7.5 in