99859 Silver Reed LK 150 Cast On Comb (5 piece set)


For the 6.5mm Mid-Gauge LK 150 Machine

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  • Cast on Comb made for the 6.5mm LK 150
  • It also works great on any 6.5mm main bed machine
  • Comes in 3 Long Sections with 2 Connectors
  • Each Section is 13″ long
  • When all 3 are connect – the bar is very stable
  • Weighted giving extra uniform smoothness to the knit fabric
  • Great for longer pieces of knit (afghans, baby blankets, large sweaters etc.)

I like to have 2 cast on combs.  1 – for the beginning of your project & and the 2nd one when you have knitted some length and you need to move the comb up.  This way the 1st comb holds the fabric smooth so it is much easier to position the 2nd comb. 

Once the 2nd comb is in place – you can remove the 1st comb and then it is ready for the next time you need to move the comb up.  

Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 1.5 × 1.6 in