2305 How to Make Your Swatch Fit Their Pattern


by Barb Kapraun

This works for any machine.


Have you ever found the perfect pattern – buy the yarn suggested – use the same tension and most of the time the same model of machine and can’t get the stitch gauge needed to knit this perfect pattern?  I think we have all had this happen.  You don’t want to use your whole stash of yarn experimenting on tensions and still not match the gauge.  

Barb has many suggestions on what to do in this leaflet. This is a must to add to your library.

  • First you MUST MAKE A SWATCH.  Just using the tension suggested is only guessing and that beautiful garment may not fit who it is intended for.
  • Ways to adjust tensions
  • If you can’t get the gauge – how to do some simple re-figuring to use the gauge you have
  • The magic formula is included (a must to know when changing any type of shaping)




Additional information

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