2307 Beginners Corner & Tool Tips


by Barb Kapraun

Basic information for any knitting machine knitter


A must for the new knitter .  Just because you have been knitting for some time now doesn’t mean you can’t find a few tidbits of knowledge you may have missed or was just not taught.  This is a must for your knitting machine library.  The information applies to all knitting machines.

Covered in this book:

  • Abbreviations (common in many knitting machine patterns)
  • Machine Care
  • Cast On’s and Bind Off’s (4 cast ons most commonly used & 6 bind off’s most commonly used)
  • Increasing and Decreasing Using a Tool or Short Rowing
  • Fixing Problems (loops, brushes, tensions, speed, dropped stitches, tangles plus much more)
  • Tool Tips (using some of the tools you have and some of what you might want to get)


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × .03 × 11 in