0122 Blankets for Baby


0122 Blankets For Baby

by Charlene Shafer

7 Crib size Blankets designed for the standard punch card machines.  



Baby Blankets can be so much fun to knit. They are great if you are a new knitter to help you feel more comfortable with your machine. They are great ways to try new patterns – textured or fairisle.  Someone always needs a baby gift whether it is for Grandma, a co-worker or just a friend. Make up two or three to have on hand and you will be ready for that last minute baby shower or if a friend needs a gift to give.


  • Easy Baby Shawl (tuck rib for standard or electronic machine with ribber)
  • Baby Afghan (pull up pattern for standard or electronic machine)
  • Reversible Crib Cover (standard or electronic machine)
  • Mock Cable Baby Afghan (standard or bulky machine)
  • It’s a Boy – It’s a Girl (reversible) Blanket (standard or electronic machine)
  • Bath Blanket (standard or electronic machine)
  • Baby Quilt (standard or electronic machine)

Knit on the standard gauge (4.5mm) punch card or electronic knitting machine.

Some Yarn Suggestions

Tamm Yarns – 3 Ply Astracryl, Micro-Tamm, Nordic, Petit 2/30, Rayito, Spirit, Trenzi, and Varsity

Bramwell Yarns – Bramwell Yarns – Fine Four Ply

Approximant Sizes

  • Easy Baby Shawl 36″ X 40″
  • Baby Afghan 36″ X 45″
  • Reversible Crib Cover 36″ X 40″
  • Mock Cable Baby Afghan 36″ X 40″
  • It’s a Boy – It’s a Girl Blanket 36″ X 38″
  • Bath Blanket 34″ X 34″
  • Baby Quilt 32″ X 42″


Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × .03 × 11 in