0144 PPD Workshop


0144 PPD Workshop

by Charlene Shafer

Using the Pattern Programming Device you can design, rearrange designs or import designs to create your own new designs.



Welcome to the world of the Pattern Programming Device (PPD). This device will aid you in creating new designs, changing old ones and moving them between the knitting machine and the disc drive or computer.

The cartridge that comes with the PPD will vary, depending on when it was purchased. The oldest ones are in 930 format only. This is known as Cartridges I. The next Cartridge II has 930 & 940 formats. The newest Cartridge III has several formats. It also enables you to rotate a design. There are a couple of extra screens used in the different functions. An older PPD can be updated by purchasing a new cartridge. There are also other cartridges available, example Multi-Color Cartridge, Lace Cartridge, Blank Cartridge, and Cartridge Extra.

The first step is to become comfortable with this piece of equipment. You will go through each menu with a brief explanation of each function. Second, you will create garments and designs to show the practical application of the features on each menu.

This piece of equipment requires a TV (used as a monitor).

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × .03 × 11 in