0179 More Necklines, Collars & Cuffs


0179 More Necklines, Collar & Cuffs

by Charlene Shafer

Change any basic neckline, collar or cuffs using the techniques covered in this book to give your knits a little more style or design.



Finishing is everything. Most anyone can knit, increase and decrease. It is the finishing and special touches that give you garments that special look.

The following are some ways to change the basic patterns you already have. Using round necks or V-necks, add collars or bands. Add trim to the shoulder or maybe change the cuffs or hems. Little changes can make all the difference in the world.

Included in the book is Modified Shawl Collar, Button Down Band, V-Neck with Ribbed Collar, Circular (Hem, Cuffs and Collar), Narrow Band with Tab Front Trim, Ribbed Notched Collar for V-Neck, Long Stitch Collar/Tie, Stand Up Collar with Button Shoulder, Peter Pan Collar, Ribbed Detail at the Shoulder, Cross-over Neck and Sleeve, Piping at (Neck, Top of Cuff and Bands), Button Band Spacing in Groups of 2 and 3, Double Bands with 2 Rows of Buttons, 2 Color Cuff, Round Neck with Tie, and Cabled Cuff and Collar.

The samples were made on a standard (4.5mm) knitting machine but the technique can be used on any knitting machine.

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