0139 More Suits for Today’s Woman


0139 More Suits for Today’s Woman

by Charlene Shafer

3 Jackets, 3 Skirts – mix or match

Written for standard (4.5mm) knitting machines


Being well dressed should be easy and fun. The suits in this book are just that, easy and fun. The jackets and skirts are knitted on the standard flat bed machine. Any machine from the simplest to the most sophisticated will work for these garments. With today’s busy life style, the suits must be classic in style as well as easy and quick to knit.

There are three jackets and three skirts to choose from. Mix and match them. Try knitting jacket in one yarn and the skirt in another then trimming the jacket in the same yarn as the skirt. The possibilities are endless.

The sleeves and armhole depths of each jacket are the same. Use the sleeve from one jacket and put them in a different jacket. This will broaden your wardrobe possibilities.

The jackets are basic is style. Don’t be afraid to knit them in fairisle, or use a linker to put in a plaid or change the hems.

Included are Jacket with Square Collar, Double Breasted Jacket with Notched Collar, Jacket with Epaulets, Simple Six Gore Skirt, Skirt with Pleats in the Back, and Skirt with Inverted Box Pleats.


Jacket 36″, 38″, 40″, 42″, 44″, 46″, 48″, 50″, 52″, and 54″

Skirt 36″, 38″, 40″, 42″, 44″, 46″, 48″, 50″, 52″, 54″, 56″, 58″, and 60″

Some suggested yarns:  Tamm Yarns – Diamante; Bramwell Yarns – Artistic and Sable Crepe

Written for the standard gauge (4.5mm) knitting machines

Includes Step-by-Step instructions

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × .03 × 11 in