0133 Greatest Hits Sweatshirt Designs


0133 Greatest Hits Sweatshirt Designs

by Charlene Shafer



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Adding knit to a sweatshirt is so popular and so easy.  Use your imagination on the designs and colors.  Extra touches also make a big difference. 


  • Add bells to the cows
  • Bows to the pigs
  • Beads to deck out the Christmas Tree
  • Add lace, beads, ribbon or buttons to enhance the designs

The designs are isolated in the center of the knit so will you will want to wrap the outside of the design as you knit. 

Complete instructions are included for wrapping the designs and inserting the into a sweatshirt,

Designs included are:

  • 3 Carousel Horses
  • Double Hearts
  • Kids for Sale (goats)
  • Chill Out (penguins)
  • My Name is No No
  • Because I’m the Mom
  • University of Shopping
  • Sailing (sail boats)
  • Daddy’s Boy
  • Daddy’s Girl
  • Apple Banner
  • Be Patient… God isn’t finished with me yet
  • KWA (knitters with attitudes)
  • 5 Cows
  • School Sampler Banner
  • Bingo
  • Chocolate is My Favorite Vegetable 
  • Grade ‘A’ Teacher
  • 5 Pig Faces
  • Indiana Banner (with corn)
  • Butterflies
  • Grandkids (If I Had Known Grandkids Were so Much Fun, I’d had Them First)
  • Old Knitters (Old Knitters Never Die… They Just Come Unraveled)
  • ABC’s upper and lower case 


The designs can be knit on any machine but all samples were knit on a standard electronic machine.  Using a punch card or manual machine you will need to manually select the designs.

Choose between Book only/ Book + Design disk / Design disk only

  • Brother/Knitking 930/940 Disks: can be used on all machines KH 930 and newer.  Requires the FB100 disk drive. 
  • DesignaKnit CD: can be used along with DesignaKnit (.pat, .stp or both) format.  Requires the DesignaKnit software

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