0542 Rib Alternatives Vol. 2


0542 Rib Alternatives Vol.

The traditional 1X1 ribbing is replaced by other more flattering ribs that give body and style to the edges of your knit.


Ribbing has been the band of choice for many, many years. Today the bottom of a sweater or cuff of sleeves are just a trim, not necessarily an edge to pull in tight so as to keep you warm.

Many times a flat trim will tend to flare out giving the illusion the edge is stretched out of shape. To avoid this, reduce the trim by 10-15%. This may only be 8-12 stitches, but it will make a big difference. After knitting the trim; either remove on scrap yarn and re-hang increasing evenly across the row, or remove on a garter bar and again, re-hang increasing evenly across the row.

Many of those trims will look great if blocked so the garment hangs straight not pulled in.

Decorative trims used with a plain garment are just enough design to give a classic look. These will stay in style for years.

This book has some options to the traditional 1X1 ribbing. They include: Bold Tuck Rib, Lacy 2 x 2 Rib, Arched Rib, Racked 2 x 2 Rib Variation, Faux Pleated Rib, Ruffled Edge Rib, Lace and Cable Rib, Pin Tuck and Lace Rib, Scalloped Pin Tuck, 1 x 1 Zig Zag Lace Rib, Scalloped Rib, Basket Weave Rib, Honey Comb Rib, Peplum Rib, Tuck Ribs, Cables and Ribs, Racked Ribs, Scalloped Lace, and Tucks and Cables..

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