0163 Mock Woven Cardigan with Coordination Vest


by Charlene Shafer

for standard (4.5mm) punch card knitting machines

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Weaving two colors of yarn softens the design lines. The mix of the yarns also gives a heather effect to the colors. Weaving gives body to the knit. This cardigan is a short cut to weaving. The technique used is fairisle. Turn the knit over to the purl side. This is the side to use for the right or out side of the cardigan.

Knitting in fairisle is much faster than weaving and the knit is more uniform. The designs selected have 5 or less stitch of the same color together. This reduces the length of the floats. The Floats give the woven effect to the purl side of the knit.

This cardigan has hem, sewn by hand. The hem area is knitted in a second design, which defines the hem.

The cardigan is teamed with a button down vest, very simple to knit in a stockinette stitch. Wear it with the cardigan or by itself.


Yarn Suggestions

Tamm Yarns – 3 Ply Astracryl, Micro-Tamm, Rayito, Spirit, Sport 2/7, Trenzi, and Varsity

Bramwell Yarns – Fine Four Ply

Stitch Gauge

  • Cardigan – 7 Stitches x 8 Rows = 1 “
  • Vest – 7 Stitches x 8 ¾ Rows = 1″


Choose between Book only/ Book + Design disk / Design disk only

Design Disks are available in two different formats

  • Brother/Knitking 930 Disks: can be used on all machines KH 930 and newer.  Requires the FB100 disk drive.
  • DesignaKnit CD: can be used along with DesignaKnit (.pat, .stp or both) format.  Requires the DesignaKnit software

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