0536 Standard Garment Styling Workshop (written for DK7)


by Charlene Shafer

Using DesignaKnit – design a sweater using the Standard Garment Styling module + more 


Written for DK7 – A Beginners Guide to Standard Garment Styling for DesignaKnit.  

The information in this book will work for any DesignaKnit program version 7, 8 or 9.  Each newer version will have more options but this book covers the basics.

The Standard Garment Styling Mode makes designing garments (sweaters, jackets, skirts) simple and fun. You can customize the built-in garments with ease.

Using this mode is great if you don’t know the measurements for the garment. You only need to know the chest measurement. If you know more measurements they can also be used.

Standard makes it sound like these are cookie cutter sizes and styles.  No imagination.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.  There are hundreds of variations and adjustments you can make to the garments so they become unique to your needs. 

After making your changes – save –  and the next garment of the same size can be as easy as making a new swatch- put in the new stitch gauge and ‘Presto’ – a new garment that is custom made for you.  Use any yarn or machine.

We are going to use the Standard Size sweater – then make adjustments – print – and discuss how to knit + more.

Fill in the blanks as instructed to work through the sample project.

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